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Chelmsford Decking Builders is home of the best decking services. We are comprised of professional deck builders who are trained and qualified to do deck design, installation, maintenance and even repair. Our team of experts specialises in outdoor decks for gardens, patios, or backyards.

For years, we have built beautiful outdoor decks in commercial and residential areas in Chelmsford and locations nearby. We know that no two decking projects are the same, and we are always ready to take on the challenge of building your dream outdoor decking. With that, our experts are capable of transforming your outdoor space no matter how complex your layout is.


Our goal has been always about giving our customers the best decking installation experience. To achieve this, we make sure that our services are comprehensive and customised. With this, we take into account the budget, preferences, and other requirements of our clients, and we include maintenance and repairs as part of our services in the post-installation phase.

The common materials that we use for decking installations are timber deck boards and composite deck boards. Timber is more popular for creating that timeless vibe in your outdoor space. On the other hand, composite deck boards are used for a more modern look in your outdoors. Both are amazing materials, but they differ in features. Our company, Chelmsford Decking Builders, only uses fine wood and composite materials.

 For over 10 years, our team of decking builders has mastered the art of decking. With the experiences of our experts, they will surely exceed your expectations. From the day you hire us, we will take care of everything until you are satisfied with our work. We will work closely with you so we can make sure that your needs are placed first.

 Decking installation is a huge decision to make. Thus, it is imperative that you entrust it to the hands of the experts like Chelmsford deck installers. Our experts are sufficiently equipped with the needed skill set and equipment to execute the installation. Also, hiring professional deck builders like us will help you save more money from unnecessary repairs.

Deck Installation Cost

The installation cost for decking Chelmsford depends on several factors. The most common ones are the size of your outdoor space and the needed materials. The installation cost ranges from £1,000 to £2,000. Furthermore, the cost varies on the type of material you use. 

This could be softwood, hardwood, and composite deck boards. For instance, let us take 15m2 outdoor space as the basis for the costs. For that specific area, softwood deck boards start at £1,000 – £1,200. On the other hand, hardwood deck boards can cost £1,500 – 1,700. Finally, composite deck boards are priced at £1,900 – £2,000.

It is important that you put much thought on your installation project since this is a big investment. You need to choose only the best and most functional decking materials to withstand harsh outdoor elements and heavy traffic.

We suggest that you weigh your choices deliberately. This is where Chelmsford Deck Co comes in to help you. Our team of expert deck builders is always on the go to help you with your installation needs. Pick up your phone and reach out to them now.

Decking Options

We, at Chelmsford Decking Builders, use timber wood and composite decking boards for our deck installation services. Choosing the right decking material hinges on the design and functionality of your outdoor space. Knowing all the features and benefits of each decking material can help you arrive at a sound decision.

Timber Decking Board

Timber wood or simply timber is dubbed as the original material used for outdoor decking Chelmsford. For this reason, hardwood has become really popular among the decking materials. Timber looks natural and feels classy as the manufacturers preserve the grains of trees from which they are cut. With this look, using timber is great if you want a more rustic and classic vibe. Timber wood can either be softwood or hardwood. Our professional deck builders in Chelmsford will help you choose the right type of timber.


It is made from trees that grow fast and easily processed. Thus, from among the decking materials in the market, softwood is priced the cheapest. This, then, makes softwood a more sustainable and less wasteful option to the environment. Overall, softwood is easily handled and installed, and requires less maintenance and lasts long if treated properly. In order that our clients get to enjoy our services, Chelmsford Decking Builders offers a warranty that covers 15 years. This is to protect our clients from potential danger and damages such as moulds and wood-boring insects

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In contrast to softwoods, hardwoods are cut from slow-growing coniferous trees. As a consequence, their structures are more stable and harder. It takes more time to process hardwood, and is more expensive than softwood. When it comes to design options, hardwood is a versatile material. It can be stained to the color you like, and it becomes more beautiful as it ages. Moreover, it is more difficult to handle and install because of its weight. However, it promises superior durability as its exterior is hard, and has broader set of resistance features. Here at Chelmsford Decking Builders, our goal is to use only the best materials at competitive prices. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to know more about our other decking options.

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Composite Decking Board

Also called as alternative-wood, composite decking has gradually become a crowd-favourite over the years. Aside from being the most advanced among other decking materials, it uses a combination of wood fibres and recycled plastics. This mixture makes it unique and environmentally sustainable. Also, it is lightweight, durable and stain resistant.

An outdoor deck installation is a big project, but with the aid of Chelmsford Decking Builders experts, your decking installation will be executed as planned. Our professional deck fitters are equipped with the right skills and tools to get the job done.

Leave it to Experts like Us

Having enough knowledge about the best decking options is crucial before finally starting your project. That is why Chelmsford Deck Co is here to lend you a hand. We always deliver what we promise you. Apart from our high-grade decking supplies and services, below are reasons why we are the best decking company:

  •  Our designs for our clients are functional and unique.
  •  Our services are personalised based on the customer’s budget, preferences and other requirements.
  •  Our clients are advised not to exceed their budget.
  •  Our services are comprehensive, which include post-installation services.
  •  Our materials and services are reasonably and competitively priced.

Everything you need to know about decking installations are available here at Chelmsford Decking Builders. With us by your side, we guarantee that your ideas are always heard and preferences expressed. All you need to do is sit back and relax as we build you dream outdoor deck.


Do outdoor decks need maintenance?

Decking boards usually don’t need constant maintenance. It is, however, important to preserve
them to avoid unwanted repairs. Below are some of the things you might want to consider in
maintaining your deck boards:

  • Check for any scratches or cracks to ensure your safety;
  • Look for loose nails as these might affect your safety and the others around you;
  •  Use only cleaning agents that are guaranteed safe for your type of decking material;
  •  Address immediately the parts that require repair.

Does it take long to build a deck?

Commonly, it takes 1 to 2 days for a decking project to be done. This, however, depends on factors such as your outdoor size, the materials used and the number of people behind the project. Larger spaces usually take at least four 4 days to finish.

Why is decking installation really necessary?

This can be answered with: what is the purpose of your outdoor deck? People often have a deck installed in their backyard to create an extension of their living room. For some, an outdoor decking makes their outdoor space safer to walk on and adds value to their home.
A deck installation, thus, is really beneficial. It is not so much with making your outdoor space beautiful, but its principal purpose. With the best decking company at your side, all of these and more can be achieved.

Is it a good idea to cover an old decking with a new one?

For us, this is something that we don’t recommend. It is a better choice if you remove the old decking boards first and replace them with new ones. There might be decay that developed underneath your old decking. Immediate removal is needed to avoid further damage. If you put new decking boards on top of the old ones, it wouldn’t stop the decay beneath. In worse situations, the new deck boards might just be damaged eventually.

Is it safe to install decks in your garden?

Decking installation does not limit itself to backyards or patios. It is also covers other areas like gardens. By doing so, it can provide your garden a safer walkway or increase its beauty. Also, a decking installation serves an extension of your space and creates a safer space for children to play.

What type of decking material is best for me?

The layout design and required functionality will determine what type of decking material is best for you. Softwood deck boards are used to achieve a more rustic and classic look; while hardwood deck boards are used for contemporary designs. Finally, composite deck boards are more popular for combining classic and contemporary styles.

Is it possible to make my outdoor decking slip-proof?

In the long run, an outdoor deck can eventually become slippery and unsafe. This can be prevented. Just like most parts of your house, a deck also requires maintenance. Taking necessary precautions is essential in avoiding accidents caused by your decking boards. Listed below are some helpful tips to prevent a slippery deck:

  •  You need to get rid of moisture from debris by sweeping it or hosing it down;
  •  You need to use oils made only for decks that prevent slip.

How can I spend my budget wisely for decking installation?

Most people who plan a decking project run on a budget. This, in turn, somehow limits the options they have. So it is best that you make the most out of your limited finances. Seeking the help of expert decking builders can help you make a better allocation of your budget. It is equally important that you educate yourself with the features and characteristics of each
material type.


Chelmsford Decking Builders are here to offer general advice and to construct your outdoor/garden decking projects. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your next project

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