Hardwood and softwood timber decking

Timber Decking Board

Timber wood or simply timber is dubbed as the original material used for outdoor decking Chelmsford. For this reason, hardwood has become really popular among the decking materials. Timber looks natural and feels classy as the manufacturers preserve the grains of trees from which they are cut. With this look, using timber is great if you want a more rustic and classic vibe. Timber wood can either be softwood or hardwood. Our professional deck builders in Chelmsford will help you choose the right type of timber.

Softwood Decking

Softwoods have gained popularity for homeowners. To protect them from rot and mould, it usually undergoes treatments. At Chelmsford Decking Builders, we have softwood decking boards that are fully compatible with Q-Grip Strips or slip-resistant inserts. Since these woods come from trees that grow fast, they are considered environmentally friendly.

To know more about softwoods, you must be aware that even if they are durable, they are not as good as hardwood’s strength durability. Below are more facts that you should know about softwoods:

  • The cheapest option;
  • Easy to handle and install;
  • Versatile well with almost any designs;
  • Low in density; hence, less durability;
  • Short-term solution only; and
  • Not recommended for high-traffic areas.

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood comes from slow-growing trees that give them a harder core and exterior. It also comes in different colors and finishes which make a versatile choice. It is a trustworthy and high-performing material.

Invest with Chelmsford Decking Builders for your hardwood needs. We only get supplies from sustainable sources. Also, our hardwoods are processed properly so that they are made even more durable. Below are facts that you need to know about hardwood:

  • Stronger than most deck boards;
  • Resistant to cracks, mould and rot;
  • More difficult to handle and install;
  • More expensive than other deck boards;
  • Requires more maintenance; and
  • Harder to grow and process.


It is made from trees that grow fast and easily processed. Thus, from among the decking materials in the market, softwood is priced the cheapest. This, then, makes softwood a more sustainable and less wasteful option to the environment. Overall, softwood is easily handled and installed, and requires less maintenance and lasts long if treated properly. In order that our clients get to enjoy our services, Chelmsford Decking Builders offers a warranty that covers 15 years. This is to protect our clients from potential danger and damages such as moulds and wood-boring insects

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In contrast to softwoods, hardwoods are cut from slow-growing coniferous trees. As a consequence, their structures are more stable and harder. It takes more time to process hardwood, and is more expensive than softwood. When it comes to design options, hardwood is a versatile material. It can be stained to the color you like, and it becomes more beautiful as it ages. Moreover, it is more difficult to handle and install because of its weight. However, it promises superior durability as its exterior is hard, and has broader set of resistance features. Here at Chelmsford Decking Builders, our goal is to use only the best materials at competitive prices. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to know more about our other decking options.

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Leave it to Experts like Us

Having enough knowledge about the best decking options is crucial before finally starting your project. That is why Chelmsford Deck Co is here to lend you a hand. We always deliver what we promise you. Apart from our high-grade decking supplies and services, below are reasons why we are the best decking company:

  •  Our designs for our clients are functional and unique.
  •  Our services are personalised based on the customer’s budget, preferences and other requirements.
  •  Our clients are advised not to exceed their budget.
  •  Our services are comprehensive, which include post-installation services.
  •  Our materials and services are reasonably and competitively priced.

Everything you need to know about decking installations are available here at Chelmsford Decking Builders. With us by your side, we guarantee that your ideas are always heard and preferences expressed. All you need to do is sit back and relax as we build you dream outdoor deck.


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